Who Dares Wins In Business


Who Dares Wins in Business by Joff Sharpe is a genius analogy between the essential skills of the Special Air Service to the leadership skills and methods used by the greatest businessmen to dominate their industry. 

About the Author

Joff SharpeJoff Sharpe is an ex-SAS captain who employed the lessons he learned working within the special forces to the business industry. The motto Who Dares Wins was originally made popular by the SAS, and Joff has cleverly adapted it to his book title. Within his book, Sharpe covers several essential lessons that will teach you to be aggressive, dominant, and assertive as a business person. While reading his book you will learn how to run a business that corresponds to the way the SAS runs their operations to ensure you get things done efficiently, effectively, and quickly. 

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Why Read This Book?

Who Dares Wins in Business challenges you to surround yourself with the people who  show passionate and uninhibited talent. These are the kind of people that the SAS fosters, and for good reason. These are the people who know what they want when they want it. They work hard and never look back. By surrounding yourself with these people you are developing an environment where you can work in simplicity and focus while challenging yourself to be better. This book will make you lead a courageous lifestyle for the betterment of your life and business.

In addition to daring you to change who you surround yourself with, you will learn to be a leader. This book will teach you how to take control and be a strong dominant leader in your field or area of expertise. You will have to plow through anything with a strong mindset and never look back. This book will lead you to thrive to be a better and stronger person than you were the day before, and you will start doing this everyday. In business the most powerful person is not the smartest, best looking, or luckiest person. The most powerful person is the one who got up every day thriving to do better than the day before, and not talking themselves down or having a toxic mindset. This book teaches you to do just that.

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Why We Love This Book

SAS does not just stand for Special Air Service. It also stands for Speed, Aggression-Discretion, and Surprise. These are the attributes that the Special Air Services use to control their competition, and these are the attributes that you will need to learn to dominate the business world. You have to act as quickly as possible to beat your competition, because the early bird gets the worm. The most powerful people in this world wake up and get to work right away every single day. This is key. You have to be aggressive. Nobody is going to just give you what you want if you ask nicely. You have to be willing to take it for yourself, and when I say that i don’t mean using brute force or shady tactics. Take what you want using hard work and dedication. Use your grit, knowledge, and social engineering skills to your advantage. 

No person, no matter how much money they earn or how powerful they are, will ever know everything. Nor will they be able to get something right on their first try every time. No matter how hard of a worker that person is, they are going to need help at some point. Knowing how to find and ask for help from a mentor, higher up ,or teacher is an essential skill for anyone who wants to be successful. You constantly need to be improving on your skills and self-reflecting to grow more successful. Sometimes you can’t do it on your own and sometimes you can, but either way Who Dares Wins in Business will aid you in creating a more reflective self. You want to be the type of person that can improve themselves effortlessly and easily, and this book will show you how in a way that nothing else can.

The last main point covered by this book is the ability to understand when a process, idea, routine, or method has become useless to you. Whether it is ridding yourself of bad habits or making a new business plan, it is essential to know when to stop something. The most important thing to watch out for when working in business is your own thinking patterns. Your thoughts control your actions, and your actions control your success. Having positive and helpful thinking patterns is a great way to set yourself up for success.

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In short, Who Dares Wins in Business by Joff Sharpe is an amazing book that brings new insights from the Special Air Service to business in a way that has never been done before. This book will teach you valuable lessons to increase your value as a person, and to increase your rate of success. You won’t be finding these principals anywhere else I can assure you of that. This is a one of a kind book for anyone who wants to rule over their business in a way that nobody else has done before.

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