The Team

Here at Trifty we are a tightly knit community that are united under their single cause of furthering the growing e-commerce market and increasing consumer knowledge.

Name: Nathaniel Fried (click for more information)

Job Title: Owner/CEO/Writer

Nathaniel Nat Fried

Job Description: My job here involves managing the content that is posted on the website, I moderate the subjects that our writers write about and post on our Social Media accounts.

Personal Message: Money does not bring happiness, lots of money brings happiness.

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Name: Solomon Korban (Click for more information)

Job Title: Writer/Product Tester

Job Description: I review products on a daily basis and write comprehensive reviews on their usability in the vague hope that I am helping someone, somewhere.

Personal Message: STOP RUSHING ME.

Twitter: Korban Solomon’s Twitter

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Name: Harry Bryars (Click for more information)

Job Title: Writer/Product Tester

Job Description: I carefully critique and test all of the products, and craft an informative article aiming to give you the best information possible.