PlayStation 4 Slim Review


Sony has finally released the PS4. Technically known as the CUH-2000 or the PS4 Slim informally, it is considered to represent the new standard when it comes to the PlayStation 4 Console. It is supposed to be a huge step taken by Sony in its bid to revamp both the controller and the console. Of course, the big question is whether it is worth upgrading to. So, here is a playstation 4 slim review to help you get a clear view of what to expect and what not to.

The PlayStation 4 Slim review that is now proliferating around the market these das all talk about how this is a big change for Sony when it comes to the physical aspect of the unit. When it comes to the functionality, though, it is important to note that it is the same as the console that is present in the market. It is noticed to be a lot leaner and less power hungry too compared to its predecessors and it is a lot quieter as well. Many would consider this a truly decent upgrade.


PlayStation 4 SlimPricing

Buyers will be delighted to know that the model is going to be offered at the same price as its older versions. There are two different storage capacities that the console is being sold at. There is the 1TB and the 500GB. This PlayStation 4 Slim review notes how many retailers are offering these consoles at very competitive prices, though. So, buyers are encouraged to shop around to find the best possible deal.

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Controller and design

Many of the people who have noticed the leak picture of this console online before said that they were not very impressive. But it is a whole new, different experience though upon seeing it in person. This is certainly one of the coolest-looking consoles around. The beam of light which used to run atop has been removed from this version. Now, the top is just left with the PS4 logo along with a matte black color.

The power and eject buttons have now been replaced with clicky buttons that are found in the lower part of the console. This lead to a simpler and more elegant look overall. It should be noted that the new controller does have some tweaks visually, but where functionality is concerned, it is certainly the same beast that it has been known for all this time. So, fears will certainly be rested on this.

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Performance and specifications

Buyers will be delighted to know that upon a closer PlayStation 4 slim reviews, the slim PS$ still possess the very same specifications that it used to. That being said, it is still pretty much the same console that offers the very same impressive performance. The only difference, this time, is that the unit has been made noticeably quieter which is indeed a huge plus.

Power consumption

This console is not only better looking and smaller; it certainly consumes less power too. This will certainly score high for people who value energy efficiency.

What this PlayStation 4 Slim review reveals is that things are certainly a sweet deal that people are getting if they purchase the PS4 slim. Sure, the new design may not please everyone, but it is certainly a huge step up. It is certainly the best console that one can buy in the market these days.

Controller and design
Performance and specifications
Power consumption
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