For those of you who find the choosing of the best meat injector overwhelming, the following tips and tricks will help you make the decision easy while narrowing down your options. It is important to understand what is important in a meat injector and stick with what works once you find the perfect injector for your needs.

Benefits Offered by a Meat Injector

Countless benefits are found when you purchase and use a high-quality meat injector. The two primary benefits are the increased moisture and delicious marinating.

When marinating meat, often times the marinade, liquid, or brine only reaches the exterior surface of your meat. As the hours pass, only the external parts of the meat will be marinaded with your delicious flavors.

Thankfully, with the help of a meat injector, this problem is easily solved because this tool, using a large needle, allows you to place the marinade anywhere you wish.

Even when your primary goal is not to add flavor, a meat injector will add moisture to the meat cuts that typically dry out fairly quickly. Whether you get it for the flavor enhancements or extra moisture, an injector will greatly speed up the process.

There are so many ways in that a meat injector can save you time in the kitchen while enhancing your dishes.

Chicken being injected
Chicken being injected

Using a Meat Injector

One thing we love most about meat injectors is their simplicity. To begin, you must decide what type of liquid or marinade you will be injecting into your meat.

After that, you should fill the meat injector with your chosen liquid. Draw it into the chamber using the needle.

Finally, it is now a simple task consisting of pushing the end of the injector to add the liquid from the needle into the meat anywhere you want to .

It is easy to control how much marinade is used, where exactly it is placed, and when it is placed into the meat. Obviously, this piece of equipment doesn’t require any advanced culinary skills, yet it can truly enhance the dishes that you prepare.

Alternative Meat Injector Uses

While the mat injector is typically used for cuts of meat such as turkeys and pork shoulders, once the injector is cleaned, you can use it for a variety of other culinary uses.

As an example, you can inject chocolate into baked treats, liquor into fruits, or even yogurt into meringues (yummy!). The options here are infinite, so make the most out of the creative tool that is the meat injector.

Meat Injector Liquid Capacity

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when looking for the best meat injector is the size of the injector as well as its capacity.

You should get a needle that is proportionate to the size of the cuts you cook. For example, someone who usually cooks just a few pounds at a time will likely do just fine with an injector with a smaller capacity. Additionally, the small size of the tool makes it easy to clean and store.

However, if you are someone who cooks larger cooks often and aren’t worried about delicate dishes, you will likely get by perfectly fine with an injector at a larger capacity.

Needle Width of the Injector

There are typically two types of injector needles.

The first is a thinner needle which is designed for injecting easily into tougher meats and works best with thinner liquid marinades such as melted butter or oil.

On the other hand, thick needles can be used for injecting thicker marinades with herbs and chunks. This includes most homemade marinades and pesto’s.

Is it Easy to Clean?

Hygiene is important when your meat injector is in direct contact with raw meat and works with oil-based liquids, so be sure that your meat injector is easily cleaned after use.

Many meat injectors can be placed in the dishwasher or taken apart for a simple and quick cleaning. These are the best meat injectors to get.

Best Budget Option

Sapores Supreme Marinator Set

The Sapores Supreme Marinator Set - 2 Ounce 304 Stainless Steel Meat Injector, Baster Grill Brush and Cleaning Brushes - 100% Stainless Steel, BPA Free Food Grade Material
The Sapores Supreme Marinator Set – 2 Ounce 304 Stainless Steel Meat Injector, Baster Grill Brush and Cleaning Brushes – 100% Stainless Steel, BPA Free Food Grade Material

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We love the Sapores Supreme Marinator Set because it includes a nice set of additional tools that will help you inject meat easier. Among these are various needles which allow you to inject marinades of any consistency.

With a 2-ounce capacity, this set is perfectly adequate for most meat cuts, but it may also lead to constant refills when cooking larger meats. When grilling, the included basting brushes are a huge help, and a handy storage bag is included as well.

On the contrary, not all of the accessories work amazingly well, the thermometer in particular often has difficulty getting an accurate reading quickly. At first, the plunger is difficult to remove, but eventually it wears in.

We were able to use the included cleaning brushes to clean the piece even though they were not necessary as the product is easy to clean.

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The Best All-Round Choice

Premelia Professional Flavor Marinafe Injector Kit

Awesome Meat Injector Creates the Juiciest Turkey and BBQ ever! The Only Injector with 100% Food-Grade Materials - Guaranteed to Keep Your Family Safe!
Awesome Meat Injector Creates the Juiciest Turkey and BBQ ever! The Only Injector with 100% Food-Grade Materials – Guaranteed to Keep Your Family Safe!

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This meat injector kit was quick to get our attention with its sleek and sexy design along with its stellar build material (304 stainless steel) which is perfect for using with meat.

The fact that the metal will not rust even after use for many years provides some nice ease-of-mind. After some testing, we found that the largest needle is sometimes too wide and lets marinades leak back out.

However, this needle would work great for thicker marinades. The inclusion of extra silicon O-rings was a nice addition because these will eventually erode. It can be extremely difficult to find a replacement that fits perfectly.

The included eBook did not live up to our expectations, but hey, at least they included one.

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