Guerrilla Marketing – Book Review


“Guerrilla Marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.” – Jay Conrad Levison.

About the Book

This is definitely not another one of “those” marketing books that claim to teach you something new and different. This book delivers on all its claims where putting in more effort, time and brain power can create a memorable impression on consumers. Originally written in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levison, this book is a classic on marketing and advertisement. It’s even used as a textbook in many Universities.

You only need to know what Guerrilla Marketing is to see that it has been used successfully by many large and small companies. The companies who use this method of marketing never fail to make it successful and it’s not hard to see why! Traditional marketing pales in comparison to the methods presented in this book: it’s just not creative enough to linger in consumers minds to get them talking about it.

Guerrilla Marketing is a guide to marketing creatively and effectively, and not to mention a refreshing perspective that is guaranteed to give you a paradigm shift. This is a must-read for everyone in the advertising and marketing business. Especially if you are looking to cut costs or looking for alternative methods to reaching new customers and keeping your current customers interested.

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Jay Conrad Levinson

Why do I need to read this book?

If you’ve never used your imagination when planning a campaign before, this book will give you many reasons WHY you should and HOW to use these unique tactics to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether you have a large business or a smaller business, these tactics will work for you.

Since the release of this book, the popularity in Guerrilla Marketing has increased and as long as people have their creative switch in their brain turned on, it shows no signs of slowing down. Mainly because the effect it has and did I mention that it’s way cheaper than traditional marketing??

If you’ve ever come across a unique advertisement that has created an impression on you, then you’ve come across a campaign that is using the “Guerrilla Marketing” strategy. This book will teach you how to pull it off successfully.

Moving away from traditional and conventional marketing strategies, Guerrilla Marketing uses original thought to win new customers and to keep existing customers. I like how this book presents the idea that following up with your existing customers is much more cost effective and easier than to keep roping in new customers.

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The book has a certain appeal to it that will change the way that you think about getting your business, product or service out there in unconventional ways.

Guerrilla Marketing has got to be one of the most interesting books out there. It’s a well written book, with many new ideas that will generate a buzz and make your product, service or business go viral when you follow the methods presented in the book.

“With this knowledge, you’ll have what it takes to develop a creative marketing program, and you’ll produce creative marketing materials.” Jay Conrad Levison

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