Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and read those Buzzfeed style lists showcasing cool and exciting products and thought “I could write them?” Well now is your chance to. We have partnered up with Fupping, an exciting and revolutionary new company, to offer our Trifty readers the unique opportunity to earn money adding to or writing viral product lists and book reviews.

How You Earn

Earning long term passive income with Fupping is easy and simple. When you contribute to a list or write a book review the editor on Fupping will insert a unique tracking code into your Amazon/eBay link to the product you recommend/review.

When a reader of Fupping clicks on the link in your submission and gets taken to Amazon or eBay you will earn if they buy ANYTHING on Amazon or eBay within 24 hours of clicking.

You will also earn from AdSense advertisements running on your article/list if you write an entire review/list.

Fupping currently offers a 60% revenue split, allowing you to take home 60% of what your article generates FOREVER. This means if you write a book review, you will continue to earn from it as long as the book remains published. Have you heard of any books being unpublished?

How It Works

The premise is very simple. You write lists or add products to existing lists and then earn when someone clicks on your item in the list.

1 – Sign up by emailing saying:

Subject: Writing For Fupping

Content: Hey, I read abut Fupping on Trifty and wanted to get some more information on how it worked and start earning some money.

2 – Fupping will send you over information on how to contribute to lists and write articles.

3 – Once you have been accepted you will be able to contribute to lists, write articles or reviews and start earning money.

How Do We Earn?

When you sign up and contribute to Fupping, we will earn 10% of anything you earn while writing on Fupping. This will ensure long term passive income for us and help us keep producing out the quality content we produce here.

This 10% we earn does NOT deduct from the amount you earn.