Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue Book Review


Around That Time “Revisiting 1960’s through a dexterous photographer Horst P Horst.

Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue Book ReviewThis book is like poetry in the form of pictures. Horst along with his love of life, Valentine Lawford (A British diplomat) had the knowledge of architecture and gave us this style issue which is beyond awesome. Every page will enlighten you with iconic shots and explain the lifestyle of celebrities who lived in that era.

Horst took more projects in his career and this particular assignment is grand and extraordinary. He is all about gracefulness and thats visible here. His photographs are mainly in three dimensional form (normal people cant even imagine) and an expert in quality of light.

Be it the interiors, bowls, carpets or the armchairs Horst created images that outshines fashion and time. You would feel the affinity with every single click inside the celebutantes home. Its impossible for anyone to bring out the reality of how every room looks like just with a camera.


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Fashion is an expression of the times. Elegance is something else again.
– Horst, 1984

What to expect from this book:

  • Interiors and classy look of luxurious homes which are now a history.

  • Designs and architecture of famous buildings clicked from an unusual angle. It would be a memorable ride and enjoyable experience for the audience.

  • Essays about houses and culture of the people.

  • Who was living in the house and what are their customs, ideals and social behavior. Once you go inside the chapter its intriguing and you cant afford to stop in mid way.

  • Politics, arts and society with unseen photographs

  • Never-seen-before images and intellectual activities in the 20th century.

  • Magical Lyrics from the famous writer Lawford.

  • Pictures alone cant convey the right message. Content is the power. Thanks to the great novelist who brought everything into actuality. She traveled to every corner of the world accompanying Horst as a moral support. Powerful and aesthetic couple who lived as an example to others.

  • Filmy and visual delight

  • Even the curtains dancing in breeze is clicked with a legendary touch. Every print will be a journey to a new world.Click here to read more reviews or to buy the book now.

Valentine Lawford
Valentine Lawford (Author)

This book is a *must read* for the budding fashion photographers. It would definitely be a great learning experience. Horsts remarkable range of work and his desire for new challenges would drive you for achieving excellence. He is Vogues primary photographer whose pictures frequently appear in other countries magazines and his vintage prints are a display material in exhibitions. He is an inspiration and left a strong impression in the fashion world. He was photographing even in his last years and left a space which could not be filled any soon.

I don’t think photography has anything remotely to do with the brain. It has to do with eye appeal.

Horst P. Horst

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