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What The Company Does

Trifty is a revolutionary company with the consumer at heart. Pushing the bounds of the consumer comparison site, Trifty was born in 2016 with the single and definitive aim of improving e-commerce forever. Our aim is simple, yet vast. Every day each of our writers purchase five to twenty variations of a specific product , for example we purchased 9 of the best AV receivers under $1000, and we test them.
After they have been tested thoroughly and we are ready, we write list and review each product individually stating our experience with them. We take the risk so that the consumer does not have to. So, next time you want to buy something, no matter how expensive it is, check out Trifty, and see what our professionals have to say about it, you might just save a fortune.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Question: How do you have enough money to buy all these products and test them?
Answer: Our reviews remain unbiased and on the rare occasion we receive a product for free sent by a company, we will be sure to let you know in big red writing so that you know where we may have been influenced. Our project has gathered investment from all across the internet, we have over twenty million in sponsorship from undisclosed investors to pursue our aim.
Question: Why are you doing this?
Answer: Many times in the past all of our team have purchased something and felt like they had been ripped off. They simply decided that enough is enough and where going to make a stand.
Question: How do you know the products we link are quality?
Answer: We have bought from hundreds of suppliers and not a single one that we bought from, which did not also sell on Amazon, was of good quality and exceptional customer care. For that reason we only refer you to Amazon products due to their no questions refund policy and exceptional customer care. Many of the products we link can be bought outside of Amazon, but we don’t want to take responsibility for linking to sites which do not list also on Amazon.


Nathaniel Fried on Window Sill
Name: Nathaniel Fried
Position: CEO was the brain child of some reading on forums and several hundred uninformed Amazon purchases. Countless times I have gone onto Google and searched for “Best Blazer,” or “Best Cooking Mittens” and been met by some useless affiliate site full up of spun or unreadable content and useless impersonal product reviews.
Harry Trifty
Name: Harry
Position: Manager
A picture can tell a thousand words, but a web page can tell a million more. Creating clean, to-the-point product reviews has always been at the forefront of my mind when working on Trifty, and hopefully, that comes across on the site.
Solomon Korban
Name: Solomon
Position: Writer
I Joined Trifty to give the consumers of the world the information they need to make more informed buying decisions. Anything you can think of, I’ve written an in-depth review or buying guide for it. Hopefully my contributions to this site will help you get a better bang for your buck!
Paris Jean
Name: Paris Jean
Position: Writer
Name: Apsconsus
Position: Writer
Neil Bhabuta
Name: Neil Bhabuta
Position: Writer
Name: Benjamin Tella
Position: Writer
Seth Doyle
Name: Seth Doyle
Position: Editor
Thong Vo
Name: Thong Vo
Position: Brand Outreach
Norman Toth
Name: Norman Toth
Position: Social Media
Mohammad Faruque
Name: Mohammad Faruque
Position: Community Manager